Specialists in Nursing Homes.

Logifid is the logistics solution for care home clothing. Developed using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, the software is a step forward in the daily management of resident’s clothing.

About us

With over 25 years experience in the laundry business, we have proven knowledge of all aspects in this sector.

We have a highly professional team of experts in the key areas of this business: engineers, computer analysts, sales engineers, IT specialists … that can guarantee three of our core values: compromise, quality and innovation.


LOGIFID is an initiative aimed at solving the logistics challenges in the cleaning process and to improve existing procedures through RFID technology.
(Radio Frequency Identification).

Customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and achievement of objectives converge in the design of all our strategies.


Innovation. Integrating RFID technology to clothing.

Reliability. Sorting and handling of clothes that is 100% reliable.

Traceability. Registration throughout the entire lifetime of each item.

Efficiency. Re-usable tags, big savings in sorting costs and quality control.

Control. Real time inventory. Individual item alarms, user inventory.

Service. Custom designed full analysis and problem solving in constant development.